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My practice has become centred around 'action', with a history of film, collage and installation. Drawing inspiration from the ancestors of the fluxus and happenings movements throughout the late 50s to 60s/70s, I am particularly interested in the work of Yoko Ono and Francis Alÿs. 


I explore the space that exists in intuitive action; moving without knowing. Often this involves committing to a long, tedious and seemingly pointless task, such as in Sprinkles (2020) where I organise two packs of sprinkles by colour, this took a total of around 8 hours. These works act as moving meditations; if you have ever meditated you will know that it is not always a peaceful experience, it can be frustrating, emotions and traumas may surface, and it is easy to tap out. With these actions I have been learning to move through frustration, there is no way to speed through the task, you can only sit with it and keep moving. In Threads (2020) as I worked through the knots and tangles physically I simultaneously worked through the mental blocks and frustrations. These works are intentionally anti-capitalism, the final result is void of purpose and value, it is simply a product of the action.


These actions are deeply linked to my human experience and thus my mental health. My anxieties are rooted in my struggle to live a human life in an environment that feels contradictory and counterintuitive to our health and happiness. My practice is therefore a means to survival, and an invitation for others to join me in moments of focused action, a practice in tuning into the here and now and finding answers in minuscule action. 

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